Board Officers

Dave Muir

Greg Walia
Vice President & Treasurer

Mary K. Rodriguez

Bill de la Garza
Immediate Past President


Brian Berger

Donald Fandry

Evelyn Gutierrez

Judy Hammond

J. P. Harris

Linda C. Hopkins

Dyanne Nelson

Alice Prouty

Les Robbins

Diane Sandoval

Board directors chair committees which share the objective of enhancing benefits and activities for members. The Executive Committee is chaired by RELAC President Dave Muir. The additional standing committees and their chairs are: Bylaws/Nominations/Elections, Dave Muir; Budget, Greg Walia; Program, Mary Rodriguez; Investments, Diane Sandoval (acting Chair); Legislation, Dave Muir; Membership/Recruitment/Marketing, J.P. Harris; Newsletter, Bill de la Garza; Office Management, Greg Walia; Outreach, Alice Prouty; Recreation, Mary Rodriguez; Regional Support/Special Events, Diane Sandoval; Website/E-mail Advisor, Judy Hammond; Golf, Gil Sandoval.

Administrative Staff

Pat Koulos

Selina Johnny

Our RELAC staff is available for your questions, ideas or just to be connected to someone who can assist you in other areas.  Please contact us by telephone toll free (800) 537-3522, FAX (626) 308-2901 or e-mail at