The Retired Employees of Los Angeles County government (RELAC) is a non-profit, member-oriented retiree organization.  RELAC represents its members’ interests with the goal of promoting their health, well-being, happiness, and continued productivity.

How RELAC Serve Its Members:

  • Remains abreast of county, state and federal government activities affecting your retirement income, benefits, and interests and keeps you informed.
  • Represents retirees in the development of legislation and makes your voice heard before legislative committees and other governmental bodies.
  • Represents Los Angeles County retirees on related matters before the Board of Supervisors, the LACERA Board of Retirement and Board of Investments, and other retiree organizations.
  • Publishes six comprehensive newsletters per year featuring a variety of articles regarding our pensions, medical plans, county government, members, and RELAC meetings and recreational activities.
  • Communicates with, and informs, our members at general membership and regional support meetings held regularly on a rotating basis at locations throughout California.
  • Provides our members with opportunities to socialize with former county friends through our meetings and activities.
  • Supports a variety of recreational programs and activities for our members, including:
    • Baseball Night
    • Day at the Races
    • Golf Tournaments
    • RV Trips
    • Annual Picnic… and more!

RELAC is where you can keep informed of what is going on, help protect and promote your interests as Los Angeles County retirees, and enjoy your newfound leisure by participating in our activities and recreational programs.

To become a member of RELAC, click here.

NOTE:  RELAC is distinct from, and independent of, LACERA (Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association), the agency that administers retirement funds and benefits.